Massage (will be performed by licensed Estheticians except for RMT massage)

style=”color: #ffcc00;”>Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage
Full Body Massage(one hour) $80
Back & Neck Massage $50
Back & Neck Massage (with Paraffin) $60
R.M.T. Massage (Registered Massage Therapist)
If you have insurance coverage, ask for this!
One hour $95
Hot Stone Massage
 75 min Hot Stone Massage $110
30 min Aromatherapy Massage $55
55 min Aromatherapy Massage $100
Couple’s Full Body Relaxing Massage
(Complementary  sauna)
Buffed & Souffled Hydration $100
-Full Body Exfoliation
-Full body moisturizing Souffle’
(approximately 1 hour)
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